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Volunteer Opportunites for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show 

The Denver Gem & Mineral Show is a 100% volunteer-powered event. There are many ways to get involved both before and during the show to make the event a success. To volunteer at the show, submit your contact information at the bottom of this page.


1. Follow the Denver Gem & Mineral Show on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


2. Share posts and information about the show on your personal accounts (or business, club, school, etc. accounts if appropriate). 

3. Email us links or screen shots of your posts and earn 2 free 1-day tickets to the 2023  Denver Gem & Mineral Show at the Colorado Convention Center

Have questions or not sure where to begin? Send us an email at to get started!

Social Media marketing is not limited to the above networks! Get creative - if you post to an online community forum, the Next Door app, etc, we will honor those promotions. Please reach out if you are unsure!



Do you have a personal, club, or school, etc. newsletter or blog that would be a good fit for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show? Great! Reach out to us at, and we will provide promotional assets including images and blurbs to include in your online promotion in the lead-in to the show.

We also welcome press opportunities during & following the show! If you are a journalist or blogger that would like to visit the 2022 Denver Gem & Mineral Show as press, please reach out to for more information on obtaining a press badge. 



Take DGMS to the streets! Hang posters and flyers (with permission) on community message boards, in local cafes, schools, libraries, etc., and earn 2 free 1-day tickets to the 2023 Denver Gem & Mineral Show at the Colorado Convention Center!

Get creative - rent a T-Rex costume and hand out flyers on the street or at local festivals. If your community's downtown area allows for chalking on the streets/walking mall/heavily-trafficked sidewalks/transit centers, go for it!

Request posters, flyers and other marketing materials from us at  We can mail print materials to you up to two weeks before the show begins, or you can drop by our PR headquarters in Olde Town Arvada and pick them up.




Are you interested in helping out on-site at the
Denver Gem & Mineral Show? Please fill out the form below and a volunteer coordinator will get in touch.

Message received! Thank you for your interest in helping with the Denver Gem & Mineral Show.

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