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The Denver Gem & Mineral Show in conjunction with Hardrock Summit is proud to host more than 30 mineral, gem, fossil, book, and jewelry dealers from across Colorado, the United States, and around the world. The diversity of dealers offers buyers a unique opportunity to find a broad selection of anything related to minerals, gems, fossils, or meteorites. From museum- quality specimens, to rough and tumbled stones, to findings, our dealers bring the world of minerals, gems, and fossils to Denver’s door.

Our exhibits, speakers, public sector booths, and family activities place our dealers in a fun and educational context, inviting discussion and minimizing pressure. That makes the show a great place not just to find that special piece but also to get to know the dealers. These meetings have the potential to form lasting friendships and can also come in surprisingly handy when shopping for an important piece of jewelry, seeking advice before making a major purchase, or preparing to sell a specimen or collection. Taking the time to get to know our dealers will invariably net a valuable friend in the business.

To secure dealer space, contact Hardrock Summit

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