2022 Speakers Room 401 

Drop in for one of our illustrated talks for a more in-depth look at the worlds of minerals, fossils, meteorites, and gemstones. All of the talks are included in the show admission fee, and seating is available on a first-come first-served basis.

Thursday        1pm   Jeff Scovil             Fabulous Colorado Minerals

Friday             11am    Joe Dorris           Collecting Adventures & Recent finds from the Smokey Hawk Structure
                               12 noon  Pete Modreski     Collecting stories and sites in Colorado

                            1pm   Steve Jorgensen   When bad things happen to good Menuites-predation on Menuites oralensis 

Saturday         11am    Ed Raines      Colorado Type Minerals
                            12pm   Mark Jacobson
Notable Minerals collected from Colorado Locations: Uncommon minerals to uncommon locations
                             1pm    Phillip Persson Rare earth elements in Colorado: Pegmatites, Carbonatites and more!

Sunday             1pm    Brian Walko Collecting Colorado Fluorescent Minerals