The Denver Gem & Mineral Show is proud to host more than 150 mineral, gem, fossil, book, and jewelry dealers from across Colorado, the United States, and around the world. The diversity of dealers offers buyers a unique opportunity to find a broad selection of anything related to minerals, gems, fossils, or meteorites. From museum- quality specimens, to rough and tumbled stones, to findings, our dealers bring the world of minerals, gems, and fossils to Denver’s door.

Our exhibits, speakers, public sector booths, and family activities place our dealers in a fun and educational context, inviting discussion and minimizing pressure. That makes the show a great place not just to find that special piece but also to get to know the dealers. These meetings have the potential to form lasting friendships and can also come in surprisingly handy when shopping for an important piece of jewelry, seeking advice before making a major purchase, or preparing to sell a specimen or collection. Taking the time to get to know our dealers will invariably net a valuable friend in the business.

To secure dealer space, contact Regina Aumente.

Dealer2017 Location
Adam's MineralsMF08
The Agate TraderE53
Agate WestMF03
Agates by Rocks of AgesG31-33
Alpine MineralsH39-41
Alternate MineralityMF20B
American Gem Trade AssociationE83
Angelic Healing CrystalsE48
Antero Minerals F34-36
Arkfield MineralsMF23a
Aspen Mining Company – OtherE74
Atomic Perfection Gems & MineralsF38-40
B and L MineralsH40-42
Big Blue Wreck Salvage MF26
Bisbeeborn MineralsMF50
BKW OpalsF30-32
Blue Owl RocksE66
Bolivian MineralsE71
Bright Star GemstonesMF10B
Burtis Blue TurquoiseG35-37
C. Anne's of MontanaE37
Canadian Gemmological AssociationE60
Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc.J36-38
Cornerstone MineralsH50-52
Costigan's Minerals WestF50-52
Cowboy Crystals / KQ MineralsMF48
The Crystal Circle LLC.H56-57
Crystal Classics Fine Minerals LTDJ43-47
Crystal JunctionG38-40
Crystals UnlimitedMF32
The Cutter's BenchMF33
D & J Rare Gems, Ltd.MF28
D'Angelo's Minerals and JewelryE59
Dancing Raven StoneworksE47
Dave Bunk MineralsMF02
David M. Crawford MineralsMF22
De NaturaMF17 & E27
Del Rey AgatesH43-45
Del SurMF35
Diamond Pacific Corp.H31-37
DM DesignE55
Due South Minerals & MeteorsInternational Room
Earth WorksK34
Earth's TreasuresJ56-57
Engel MiningE80
Fall Creek EnterprisesMF06
Fine Minerals InternationalJ54-55 & K56-57
Fossils, IncE50
GEOdyssey, LLCMF13
George Witters MineralsJ31-33
Gemological Institute of AmericaE82
CLG Jewelry and Fine AgatesMF23b
Golden State Gem and MineralMF47
Graeber & HimesMF01
Hands of Spirit GalleryE49
Harmon’s Agate & Silver, Inc.MF25
Imperial GemsK40-42
Investments From EarthJ35
Iteco, Inc.MF15
Jawneh Brothers ImportsMF41a
Jewelry by LK EnterprisesMF31
Jewels Bazar Inc.E77
John MediciJ46
The Jungle BuyerMF21
K & M EnterprisesMF36
Kilian Collection, TheMF14
Lehigh MineralsMF46
Lithographie, Ltd.MF02
L&U DesignsE40
M & W MineralsMF42
The Mad Mutha’ MineH30
Michigan Rocks and MineralsMF39
Mike Woodward PhotographyE36
Mineral ClassicsJ49
Mineral Exploration ServicesMF16
Mineral MinerMF07
Miner's LunchboxMF19
Mineralogical RecordE23
Montana Gem, Inc.MF40
Morgan Sonsthagen Jewelry DesignMF18
Morgan TrinketsMF37
Morocco's Fossils & Mineral CrystalE57-58
Mountain Minerals InternationalJ39-41
Mt. Royal GemsMF29
O Dark 30 BoysE43
Oconee MineralsE39
One of a Kind JewelryMF27
The Opal TroveE79
Orca Gems & OpalsMF11
P.M. CustomsMF24
Paul TambuyserG42-44
Pikes Peak Rock Shop/WHOLESALEG51-53
Porter Minerals InternationalMF51
Richard Shupe MineralsH32
Rick OlmsteadMF20
Rio Grande MineralsG54-55
Rock BizMF43
Rock Falls Designs LLCG34-36
Rock PupsE44
Rock of AgesH36-38
Rocksaholics, L.L.C.J51
Rocky Mountain Mining CompanyE61
Scott Baron & Assoc.MF30
Self-A-Ware MineralsMF04
Sidewinder MineralsF42 - 44
Spark MineralsE54
Sister StonesMF44
Spirifer MineralsMF34
Stone CrystalsF46-48
Super Bead MartK36-38
Superb Minerals India Pvt., Ltd.MF38
T.M. LimitedE35
Texas MagpieE63
Thompson Marketing Co.MF09
TigerEye MineralsE52
Trilobites of AmericaH34
Ultra-Tec Manufacturing Inc.E81
Uncarved Block, TheJ40-42
Unique Minerals - Evan JonesJ40-42
Weinrich Minerals Inc.J37
Well-Arranged MoleculesH54-55
Wendel MineralsJ50
West Desert CollectorsG30-32
Xtalshop by R&D Xtals, Inc.E51